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Pre-Purchase Consulting

Rex Rentals & Realty, Inc., pre-purchase consulting services offers insight to a market place that we as professionals have over 35 years of experience. Since we are not working for a sales commission we won’t "puff" the property. We will evaluate based on rental housing market trends.

The complexity in evalution process has become more difficult for seasoned and novice investors alike. The increase in value of real estate in the greater St. Petersburg area has leveled off to more conventional models after years of free fall in value.  This has an effect on neighborhoods, home prices and of course rent values.

Does this mean you will not make money by buying property in Pinellas County? Absolutely not!  Many times market conditions may seem unfavorable, but behind the scene are factors that many people do not consider in making the real estate investment. This is were we work with you, your agent, professional inspector and financial advisor. We look for the long term investment value not the quick flip.

Pre-Purchase Consulting Features: Price based on number of units to review:

  • Over 37 years experience in the property management and leasing field
  • Work with your professional property inspector to insure the best out come for you
  • Review “hidden” costs of the region that many investors are unaware of
  • Review site, explain possible code violations or housing problems
  • Analyze reasonable operation costs
  • Analyze current rent structures & project future rents
  • Work with your financial advisor to predict tax incentives
  • Much more…

This service includes one hour of personal verbal review and Q & A session.

DISCLOSURE: This service is interpative by nature and Rex Rentals & Realty, Inc. can not be held liable for its accuracy. However all due diligence is used in the fact finding process of our reporting.